Registration Fees for 2022 - 2023* (rates subject to change each season)

2022/2023 Travel and Recreation Registration
                        ** PLAYING TRAVEL ONLY          **RECREATION ONLY
1st Child                            $325.00                             $225.00
Two Children                     $500.00                             $305.00
Three+ Children                $650.00                             $390.00
1st Peanut                          $175.00
Two Peanuts                       $275.00
**PLAYING BOTH  REC & TRAVEL                              
1st Child (Rec & Travel)               $350.00                                 
Two Children ( Rec & Travel)      $520.00            
Three+ Children (Rec & Travel)  $670.00           
Two Childr (1 Rec Only/1 Travel Only)          $365.00
Two Childr(1 Rec Only/1 Rec & Travel)         $420.00
Three+ Childr (2 Rec Only/1 Rec & Travel)   $495.00      
Three+ Childr (1 Rec Only/2 Rec &Travel)    $570.00     
Three+ Childr (1 Rec Only/2 Travel Only)     $595.00       
Make Check payable to "HUSA"
Registration is for Fall: 10 weeks and Spring: 10 weeks
RECREATION Volunteer Work
RECREATION WORK DEPOSIT: $200.00 Payable to HUSA dated 6/1/2022
(******this check is destroyed when you complete your work duty)
  • Volunteer one (1) time in the Fall and one (1) time in the Spring per family
  • Choose either:
    • Field Maintenance – one shift available 7:00am – 9:00am
    • Snack Stand – am shift 8:00am – 11:30am; or pm shift 11:00am – 2:30pm
    • Spring Only: Annual Rec Picnic (various shift TBD)
  • Sign ups are held during Registration and the first 2 weeks of each season
  • It is your obligation to sign up and remember your volunteer date and time
  • Rain outs may be rescheduled
  • Although not encouraged, you may choose to donate your $200 in lieu of volunteering 
TRAVEL VOLUNTEER WORK DEPOSIT: $100.00 Payable to HUSA dated 6/1/2019
                                   (******this check is destroyed when your  team completes your work duty)
  • In Rec, you volunteer as an individual on behalf of your child/children as players and are required to post a work deposit check;
  • Each Travel Team governs itself at the supervision of the Coach. Each team volunteers to work Snack Stand one (1) time in the Fall and one (1) time in the Spring as a team
  • The Volunteer Work Coordinator will schedule each team’s Snack Stand with the Coach based on home game schedule (Sunday)
  • Each team participating in a HUSA Sponsored Tournament will also volunteer to help run the event:
    • Fall Only: Columbus Day Tournament (various shifts TBD)
    • Fall Only: Girls College Bound Tournament (various shifts TBD)
  • In addition, each Team is responsible to help open and close the fields each season
  • Your Coach will advise you the date/shift time of any volunteer work
  • It is your obligation to participate as an active team member – your Coach is empowered to address continuous failure to participate, including but not limited to, requiring non-participating families to submit a Work Deposit Check.

Rec Coach Discount - Rec coaches pay $100.00 - discount applied to one player only.


Travel Coach Discount - Travel coaches pay $150.00 - discount applied to one player only.


Committee Discount - $50.00 discount if you belong to a committee - discount applies to one player only.

Registrations, Signs Ups & Fees

HUSA offers it’s children soccer instruction and competition at all levels, i.e., Rec, including Peanuts, Travel and Indoor. Each program has different costs and procedures, and as such, the registration fees and policies for each program are different. Please see the LINKS to the left of this page for each program’s procedures and fee schedule.