Background Check-Fingerprinting Ordinance

As required by Hazlet Township ordinance, all volunteers must be background checked every two years. The step-by-step process is as follows: 
1. Email Barbara Hilliard your full name, contact information (mailing address, phone) and volunteer position (Coach/Team). Barbara is the Liaison with the Township Recreation Department. 
2. Complete the Sagem Morpho application form in entirety. For Box number 7 you need to write our VRN# N09002
3. Go to to setup an appointment for your finger printing. You will need to have your credit card ready as you must pay for the appointment ($26.25) at the time of reservation. The Volunteer will be reimbursed for the cost by the Club. Contact the HUSA Treasurer Joe Pruscino to get reimbursed. It is recommend that you enter in the date & time of your appointment and the confirmation number the web site gives you directly on the Form. You must have this Form with you when you go for finger printing. NOTE: A fee of $11.00 will be charged to cover the cost of a scheduled appointment for applicants who do not cancel by noon on the business day prior to your scheduled appointment (Saturday noon for Monday appointments). You can set your appointment for any location nearest you for your finger prints to be taken. If you cannot use the web site, then you can call  87... (M-F 8AM to 5 PM, Sat 8AM – 12 PM). If you make your appointment via the 877 number, then you will need to pay with a money order when you arrive for your appointment. 
4. You go to your scheduled appointment with the completed Form at which time you will be assigned a tracking number (Sagem Morpho calls it PC number). You will be able to keep a copy of their Form. NOTE: You must have official photo identification for the finger printing. 
5. Hazlet Recreation will be notified once the background has been completed in accordance with the Ordinance.

Note: The above web site is relatively easy to use, but takes time so make sure that you enter all the appropriate information, otherwise, the web site won’t allow you to proceed.