What To Do Each Saturday


1st.     LINE ALL FIELDS: (Use 6 people)
(a)  IN WHITE: Fields  3, 4, 5 & 5a


(b)  IN ORANGE:  Field 1A, 1B, ,and all Spectator lines

2nd.    GARBAGE PICK-UP : (Use 2 people)
Use the gator or tractor and connect the wooden wagon to the hitch. Empty the barrels, tie the bags and throw them onto the wagon and then into the dumpster. Put new bags in the empty barrels, using small tabs of duct tape to hold the bag on the barrel & move the barrels slightly so they aren’t on the same spot on the grass.
3rd.     FIELD WORK:(Use Everyone)
(a) FIELDS 1A,1B,& 5A:  Move the small metal goals into place on the field, position on the line marks & stake down, using stakes near the goals. Also, put out garbage barrels on each side of the field.
(b) PEANUTS: Gather 12 blue practice nets from the fields and place on the side of Field 1B. Also, take the sleeve of cones out of the shed and place on the field.


(c) FLAGS: Put out the regular flags on Fields 4 & 5 and the new “pin flags” on Fields 1A, 1B &5A.
(d) BATHROOMS: Clean, sweep out, mop floor & refill all paper rolls.. Supplies & cleaning items are in the garage and the mop and bucket are in the room between garage & kitchen.
(e) PAINT STRIPERS: Re-fill them all for the next weekly crew.
(f) MISC: When all is done;
-sweep sidewalk in front of the snackstand.
- weed the landscaped areas around the snackstand
- set up tent over snackstand
- move table from baths and set up in front of bench
- put up snackstand flags near flagpole and driveway