Referees Corner


            It has been determined by the HUSA Executive Board that it would be in the best interests of the Association that regulations be put in place for the governing of our Rec referees. The performance and appearance of our officiating corps are integral parts of every game, and as such, impact directly upon the reputation of our Association. To these ends, the following regulations shall be implemented immediately by the designated Referee Assignor John Granite ( our Rec and Indoor programs. (Travel referees are regulated by NJSYSA)
(a) LICENSES/RECERTIFICATION: (this is suspended until further notice)
Each person who intends to become a Rec referee must be licensed by the state. As a Rec referee, the class for the entry level is a Grade 9 license. A list of available classes is on the state website. Furthermore, each year you must provide proof to the Assignor that you have attended the annual recertification class offered by the state.
Prior to the Fall & Spring soccer season, the Assignor shall prepare a list of the available referees, based upon the referee’s licenses, experience, age and past performance. The list shall then be presented to the HUSA Executive Board for review and approval at the Board meeting prior to the beginning of that particular season. Once approved, the Referee Assignor shall offer assignment of games each week. Priority in all weekly assignments shall be given to those referees whose parents, or who themselves, have made substantial contributions of their time and energy to HUSA.
To be eligible to be a Rec referee you must have a license and must be recertified each year. As a CENTER REFEREE you must first ref the center of U8 thru U10 for a period of one (1) year while an experienced referee accompanies you as an assistant referee during said games. (This shall not apply to Rec U6 thru U8). To be eligible to be a CENTER REFEREE there must be at least a two (2) year age difference between the ref and the age group of the teams playing. (e.g., at the time the game is played, if the ref is 16, the oldest team age group shall be U14).
The proper dress code, i.e., (i) official socks wore to the knee; (ii) black sneakers; (iii) official uniform shirts tucked in; (iv) official black shorts. During inclement weather, HUSA shall allow referees to wear black pants/sweats.
The Assignor must be present at the weekly games in order to assess the performance of all referees, and to observe the conduct of the coaches. The Assignor will discuss with the referees any positive/constructive criticism of that referee’s performance. Also, as the need arises, the Assignor will conduct meetings to inform referees of the Rules of the Rec Program and any new developments with the Rec program.   

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